20 Fenchurch Street aka The Walkie Talkie Building

Main Contractor – Canary Wharf Group Contractors

Client – P.C. Harrington’s

Working on behalf of the P.C Harrington’s, SCFR completed works to 46 stories with a team of around 30 highly trained, skilled men, the skyscraper in the heart of London has become one of our biggest achievements to date doing structural repairs and fair face finishing to 5 flights of stairs including walls, cores and lift shafts/ risers. In one lift shaft, we had to effectively break out defected concrete of up to 6 floors, working off the top of the lift.  

Elephant Park Development – London

Main Contractor – Lendlease

Client – AJ Morrisroe

Working on behalf of AJ Morrisroe on the making good of the concrete poured on this £1.3 Billion development. We have completed works to 2 Five Storey stair core, 1 eight storey stair core, 4 ten storey stair cores, 1 30 storey stair core and 1 energy centre, all with either a grade C or grade B finish.

A full clean down on all stair cores was essential so we left the concrete walls and soffits free from concrete snots/runs and any other foreign materials. Alongside cleaning down the walls and soffits we made large repairs on each landing and colour matched.

We are still currently working on more stair cores of more new buildings on this development and we have received high appraisal from AJ Morrisroe and Lendlease site management team.

Work completed:

  • Snot Removal

  • Run removal

  • Joint cleaning

  • Blowhole repair to a Grade C Standard

  • General repairs to all panel where applicable.

  • Soffit and Wall cleaning

Precast Factory

Main Contractor – Laing O’Rourke

Client – GRC UK Ltd

We were responsible for supplying finishers to work with GRC’s shift system. Originally working on both shift patterns we supplied up to 16 finishers per day on both an early morning shift and a late shift. Making repairs and finishing panels for projects such as Cross Rails 26-mile tunnel system with stations along their 73-mile line from Reading to the South-East. Colour matching was a key finishing method on these panels as they were made with fine grit and a light grey concrete mix.

The production management team are very happy with the high standards of work we are producing they have asked us to continue within their structure for the foreseeable future.

Work completed:

  • Blowhole filling

  • Edge smoothing

  • Corner reconstruction

  • Hole reconstruction

  • Edge reconstruction


Bromley South Central Development – London

Main Contractor – McLaren

Client – CDM

Bromley South Central Development is a huge £90 million high street development which compromises 200 residential apartments, a 130 room hotel, a 10 screen cinema, 9 retails units and a 4-storey underground carpark. We completed work on behalf of CDM, where the original pour was not finished to the tolerances and finishes required. The repair and finish work consisted of 10 large floors which were 125m2 in which finish, tolerances, and deadlines were main factors.

This was a big project to be completed quickly and with the pressure of a deadline from man McLaren. To do this we used 8 highly skilled operatives to complete this job within the deadline period and to the highest standard finish.

We received high appraisal from the site management for the excellent finish and have been recommended to other site management teams on McLaren sites.

Works completed:

  • Breaking existing floor out by 10mm

  • Prime floor

  • Pour and float finish floors

  • Repairs to rebar where necessary

One Angel Square, The Cooperative Building – Manchester

Main Contractor – Bam Construction

Client – Bam Construction

We completed work on the Co-operative building a £105 million 14 storey building situated in Manchester City centre. We were asked to do complete were repairs to the stair core walls, soffits, lift shafts and columns on behalf of main contractor Bam Construction. A full cleaning down of all panels was required on every landing to ensure we removed all rust staining, snots/runs, and any other material. It was essential that on the Columns and other seen panels were colour matched fully.

The site management team were overwhelmed with the quality of work produced on this project.

Work completed:

  • Repairs to soffit include blow holes and snot removal.

  • Repairs for structural integrity of lift shaft and columns

  • Damage repairs to all panels.

  • Colour matching

  • Rust Stain cleaning

Llandough Mental Health Unit

Main Contractor – Laing O’Rourke

Client – Laing O’Rourke

Llandough Mental Health Unit is a £80 million new build development at Llandough University Hospital which would serve the locals of Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan. We worked on this development on behalf of Laing O’Rourke, providing repair services to both inside and outside of this building. Colour matching the precast panel units was essential to the works we completed. A full clean off the panels was needed before we could make these colour matching repairs to both internal and external panels.

We required a scissor lift and podiums to carry out these repairs, so our IPAF and PASMA trained operatives were used for this project.

The site management team from Laing O’Rourke were extremely happy with the finished product that we supplied to them.

Work completed:

  • Damage repair

  • Acid wash clean – exterior

  • Discolouration repairs

  • Colour matching repairs.

Guys Hospital – London

Main contractor – NHS

Client – NHS

Working at the City Centre Hospital in London, we were responsible for the repairs of Soffits, columns, walls and stair cores. Site management stated it was essential that we carried out the repairs colour matched to the light grey panels already in place upon the building. Making sure we cleaned down all the panels before we carried out repairs.

Our operatives were asked to carry out repairs using scissor lifts and podiums so IPAF and PASMA trained operatives were required.

Work completed on this project:

  • Cleaning down discoloured panels

  • Repairs to damaged panels.

  • Repairs to walls, soffits columns, and stair cores.

  • Colour matched repairs.


Scottish Power Building – Glasgow

Main Contractor – Laing O’Rourke

Client – Laing O’Rourke

Working on this £100 million office block development for the new Headquarter of energy giant Scottish Power in Glasgow, we carried out repairs on behalf of Laing O’Rourke. We were requested to ensure the precast panels were free from dirt and excess foreign material and also from any visible damage. The colour matching process was an essential part of the repair process when making visible repairs.

We worked from a building cradle and podiums on this project so our very highly skilled operatives were used for this project which we received commandment from site management of Laing O’Rourke for the quick and high standard work completed.

Work completed:

  • Acid wash cleaning

  • Damage repair

  • Colour matching repairs

Alder Hey Children’s Hospital – Liverpool

Main Contractor – Laing O’Rourke

Client – Laing O’Rourke

Working on behalf Laing O’Rourke we undertook repairs and finishing of the wonderful establishment Alder Hey Children’s Hospital. We completed work both internally and externally. However, the majority of our work was completed to the External precast panels with repairs, acid wash cleaning and Keim painting the panels. Working from cherry pickers with our trained operates

Work complete on this project:

  • Acid cleaning of exterior precast panels

  • Keim painting of precast panels

  • Repairs to both external and internal panels

Sandwell Council Car Parks – West Bromwich

Main Contractor – Sandwell Council

Client – Sandwell Council

This project consisted of carrying out structural surveys and providing full reports and methods of completing the remedial. These include steel corrosion and concrete that is structurally unsafe on soffits, columns, and floors. We always make sure we break out the loose concrete and 3mm all around the corroded rebar then treat the steel using zinc paint then repair using an approved site product.

Sandwell Council were very happy with the works completed and were happy with that the structural integrity of the car park was restored.

Completed work on this project:

  • Breaking out of damaged concrete flooring

  • Repairs to corroded rebar

  • Zinc painting of repaired rebar

  • Pour concrete floor repairs

  • Repair of damaged panels around the carpark

  • Plaining of floor and panels after repairs.

Lombard Road – London

Main Contractor – Barratt Homes

Client – Get Jar Ltd

Working on this riverside 134 apartment high rise development in the heart of London for Barratt homes, we were asked to work to the original mix design so that the repairs were blended to the original panel colour. Some of the repairs were very large and most of the edges had to be made good so the highest standard and skill level was required by our operatives.

We accessed some of the balconies via Rope Access but most of our work could be carried out upon the balcony.

The site management team gave a very high appraisal for the work completed.

Work completed on this project:

  • Repairs to precast panel balconies

  • Colour matching repairs

  • Cleaning of panels before repairs

  • Repairs to walls and soffits in Stair cores

AstraZeneca World Headquarters – Cambridge

Main Contractor – Skanska

Client – Byrne Bros

We completed work on this huge development worth in excess of £300 million at AstraZeneca’s new world headquarters in Cambridge on behalf of concrete subcontractor Byrne Bros.

This was a very complex job, where the colour matched finish was paramount to the completion of work. With concrete panels surround the exterior of the building as well as the formwork and stair cores internally we were responsible for repairing and cleaning of edges, walls, soffits, stairs and precast panels to a Grade C finish.

Using podiums and scissor lifts to complete our works we used highly skilled IPAF and PASMA trained operatives.

Byrne Bros site management team were overwhelmed by the quality of colour match in which we achieved. Skanska site management team also sent a letter of commendation for our high-quality work. Impressed by the standard of the work completed we have been asked to return for the next phase of the site.

Etihad Stadium Concourse Flooring – Manchester

Main Contractor – Manchester City Football Club

Client – Laing O’Rourke

Working on behalf of Laing O’Rourke, we completed repairs to damaged concourse floors at the Etihad Stadium. We were responsible for breaking out of damaged areas of the floor which were 50m long and 2m wide this was repeated on all of the stadium concourses. This included breaking out affected areas preparation work for rescreeding the floor. We were responsible for the safe removal of all waste products off-site and making sure nothing was left that may endanger the other site workers.

The site management team were extremely happy with the finished work and commended our operatives on the professionalism of the work.

Works completed:

  • Breaking out damaged floor of concourse

  • Preparation of floors

  • Screeding replacement floor

  • Ensuring floor was perfectly level

  • Painting floor in Manchester City colours to finish.

    Birmingham University – Birmingham

    Main Contractor – Interserve

    Client – Interserve

    Working on behalf of the main contractor Interserve we carried out repairs and finishing to the columns of Birmingham University as they were unhappy with the finish on the column. We provided a sample panel for the colour matching and methodology process for the columns. To achieve the required high standard, we refaced the columns from top to bottom repairing the uneven surface left originally.

    Along with the columns we repaired and cleaned the walls, soffits including the basement facility to a Grade B standard making sure all snots/runs were cleaned as well as blowholes over 5mm repaired.

    The next stage of the project repairs fell inside the foundations of the swimming pool, ensuring that the walls and floor were finished to a Grade C. We finished the swimming pool by making sure it was watertight using a treatment agent.

    The site management team from Interserve were highly impressed with the finished we displayed on this project that we are used frequently on other projects.