SCFR offer a wide range of Concrete Finishing and Repairs to a vast variety of concrete. The main areas we cover are; Insitu concrete (Poured on site), Precast Concrete (Made away from site and placed), Architectural (Concrete that is placed on the outside of buildings with a higher standard of finish) Structural Concrete (Columns, RC Frames etc.), Flooring (pouring, top pour screed and finish) and also domestic sills and lintels.

Insitu Concrete Finishing & Repairs:

Removal of snot and runs (excess material) from the surface of the poured concrete.
Joint cleaning also known as banding. This process is to remove the uneven & rough joint lines left after the initial pour.
Blowhole filling and colour matching. Blowholes are commonly found after the pouring process and the holes can usually range from 1mm to 20mm. The blowholes that are seen on the finished works rely on the Grade of finish that has been selected. We are big believers that Grade C is the best for all concrete finishes.

Grades of finishing available on Insitu Concrete:

Grade A – Basic standard finish. (This may vary depending on Architects specs)
Grade B – High-quality finish Snot removal, Run removal, Joint smoothing and no blow holes over 5mm. Other works subject to architects specs.
Grade C – Highest quality finish all of the above however there will be no blow holes shown at all. This is achieved by a bag wash finish.

Precast Concrete:

Precast panels can be found either on site or we can join your team at the precast factory. The required finishes depend on the architect’s spec for these panels or the companies standards of finish. Whilst working in the factories our finishers are used to finishing these panels to a Grade C standard with blow holes of defects.
Precast stairs can be found in most buildings and they are placed on the site from a factory however on placement, stairs are usually banged and chipped or they may arrive with defects on. Not to worry SCFR specialise in making precast stairs looking perfect again, whether this means skimming, block repairs or smoothing. The finishes on this concrete are to the highest standard and nothing less.

Architectural Concrete:

Architectural precast concrete offers the greatest degree of aesthetic versatility compared to other competitive materials. This is down to the finish of the product also known as the final surface that will be visible when the project is finished. The finish is achieved by the three parts of colour, texture, and technique. The colour and texture are not always created in the aspired way in which the architect. This is where we come into our element and the required finish and standard is achieved. There are different techniques that we would offer but these would be tailored to suit the concrete on every site. As with Precast panels, we strive to say only the highest quality is acceptable and no less.

Concrete Flooring:

We have recently added concrete flooring pouring, finishing and repairs into our portfolio as the expansion of the company continues we will be adding new techniques and skills into our services and this is a big part of any finish. The services we offer on Concrete flooring area

Initial pouring and finishing
Smoothing or Plaining
Repairing chips or cracked areas
Power floated or Hand floated finishes.